2016 is nearly over…

2016 is nearly over.

And I just wanted to write a little something to all of my supporters out there.

I’ve just finished the first part of my tour with sister act. And I wanted to say a massive thank you to all of those who came out and supported us!

With only 5 days off from finishing The Bodyguard to starting Sister Act – well I can tell you it was a challenge – but you guys got me through it and I’m thankful.

To be honest with you – my main reason for writing this blog isn’t just to say thank you but it’s to ask you all for one more little favour if I may…

I never usually do this. But I know the power of the universe…

I wanted to ask you all to pray for my amazing mother Melissa.

My mum has gone through so much this year with her health and I mean it when I say she is really the strongest woman I know.

I shed a little tear as I write this blog because some of you guys actually know my mummy and know how much of a loving woman she is.

I won’t go into detail. But your prayers are needed and I know my mum will appreciate them.

I thank you guys for reading this and also thank you for your support.

Sending all my love

See you all in the new year.