T – H – A – I – L – A – N – D

Thailand was meant to be an in and out trip. Perform and get home for the new year, but the thing is, it’s always been a dream of mine to go, so I decided not to rush it and extended for a few extra days.

I love travelling and as a result of my singing, I have been lucky enough to visit lots of amazing places.

Thailand is such a beautiful place. It is so picturesque and somewhere you can really drop out of the world and gain a bit of clarity.

It was great to be able to take four days to myself and make time to just be still with my friends. Have great conversations about life, eat amazing food, work out every morning, do some yoga and just reflect on everything. It made me realise how important it is to stop and make time for the things that truly matter. Although at the start of it all I did feel guilty that I wasn’t ‘working’ but then I quickly snapped myself out of that and remembered I haven’t taken time out for so long. Four days wouldn’t do me any harm…

Having a hectic schedule means you forget to take time for the smaller things, like reading a book or writing in my diary. These are the things in life that make me smile.

Life goes by so fast – it’s so important to take time for your loved ones and for yourself.

We stayed in a beautiful apartment at Nikki Beach in Koh Samui which is the perfect place to kick back and relax. There’s a pool and a beach, the staff are amazing – the whole experience from start to finish was unfaultable.

During our stay we went to the Fisherman’s Village, if you get the chance to go you should! We had more amazing food, we all chose the local fish, it was so fresh and delicious and we of  course had a selection of cocktails to go with it! We finished the evening sitting in a hammock watching the fire dancers on the beach underneath a full moon. You could hear the waves of the ocean, a sound I love, I find it so peaceful and relaxing. It was a night I will always remember.

For the rest of our stay we spent the nights taking long walks along the beach, we stayed up until 3AM in the morning sitting by the ocean listening to the waves… I could have stayed there forever! The ocean always puts things into perspective for me.

The days and nights went by so quickly because we had so much fun.

Before we knew it was time to fly home…

This experience was so amazing for me that I wanted to share some of it with you all.
The biggest lesson learnt is to remember to make time for yourself and those you love. Give yourself an hour a day if you can, to recharge your batteries, if that’s catching up with friends, working out, planning an adventure, whatever it is… Do what makes
you smile. It’s important.

Wishing you all a happy and healthy 2018.

Lots of love AB xXx

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